With Invisalign, you can wear braces and still eat what you want

With Invisalign, yes, you can eat anything you want! While these revolutionary new braces work all day and all night to straighten your teeth, they can be removed whenever you eat. You can enjoy popcorn, that delicious chicken dish, even sticky candy without guilt because you can also remove Invisalign to brush and floss.

Invisalign is actually a series of clear aligners. Wear each one for about two weeks, then move on to the next, slightly straighter aligner. Shift your teeth into that final, beautifully straight smile gradually. Think disposable contacts. Most of the time you’ll forget you’re even wearing braces. You’ll get so used to when and how to remove Invisalign that it will just be part of your daily routine.

But you have to start braces when you’re a kid, right?

Actually, no. You’re never too old to smile. More and more adults are turning to Invisalign to improve their own health and appearance. These are not the clunky metal brackets of 30 years ago. Treatment time is shorter and the braces are practically invisible. Your friends and co-workers won’t even know you’re wearing them.

Orthodontic treatment can improve your appearance, your health, and your self-esteem. With straighter teeth, you’ll feel better about yourself and project that self-confidence to the world around you. Plus – and these are certainly adult concerns – you’ll lower your risk of not only gum disease, but cardiovascular problems, too.

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