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Our current drawing

Our current drawing is for a Dinner and a Movie! Take your date on a nice trip to Jameson’s Pub and a movie from Marcus Theater on us! We…

Congratulations to Cheryl Markiewicz, our winner of the Keurig Coffee Maker!

Congratulations to Cheryl Markiewicz, our winner of the Keurig Coffee Maker!

Importance of Hygiene Visits

The Journal of Periodontology recently reported that women are twice as likely as men to receive regular dental checkups. Periodontal disease is linked to overall health and serious diseases and it starts silently – you don’t even know it’s happening. That’s why it’s so important to maintain regular checkups.

Need more incentive to stay healthy? Enroll in our “Whitening for Life” loyalty program! We’re committed to keeping you healthy and your smile bright. When you maintain your teeth cleaning schedule, you’ll receive FREE whitening gel at each visit. The really good news? By simply having a positive attitude toward your oral health regime, you can make a big difference. Call (708) 460-3040 to schedule your hygiene visit today! Or, visit for more information.

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