Pregnant? Taking care of your teeth while pregnant is important.

Pregnant? Taking care of your teeth while pregnant is important! Call to schedule your appointment today!


An interesting article from the ADA

An interesting article from the American Dental Association. Call to schedule your appointment today.

Dentistry at Your Home

We love to see you – we really do!   But, since most of the time YOU will be in charge of keeping your teeth and gums healthy, it’s important you have the proper tools at your disposal to assist you with the task.  The following are essential features of your at-home dental office:

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste – These, in addition to floss, are the essential building-blocks to a healthy set of teeth. For your toothbrush, discuss with us what size and strength toothbrush head you need for your teeth. Bristles that are too strong may damage your enamel and gums, and too large of a head may prevent you from adequately brushing between teeth.  For your toothpaste, some may need a gel or toothpaste meant for sensitive teeth and gums, and all of us can use fluoride in our toothpaste. Check with us to be sure which kind to use and also check whether it’s OK to use toothpaste with whitener in it, which can actually increase the sensitivity of your teeth and gums. You may also want to consider an electric toothbrush – studies show they work better than a manual toothbrush– ask about those as well.
  • Floss – Floss, and plenty of it, is another important feature of your at-home dental office. Some alternatives to traditional floss include floss picks, which feature a strip of floss on a handle and typically a plastic pick, and water floss devices that sprout powerful streams of water (typically mixed with a solution) that can really get between your teeth. Ask us if these products are appropriate for you; they may help break apart plaque from certain places in your teeth better than traditional floss, but for between-the-teeth action, some devices work better than others.
  • Whitening – Folks love whiter teeth, which in part explains why so many at-home teeth whitening products are available on shelves today.  Take-home products from the store are meant to fit a variety of sizes of teeth and as a result will let saliva in around the edges, reducing their whitening power. The best whiting procedures include visits to our office as well as at-home care: In your first appointment, we make molds of your teeth to produce custom-fit trays, and we’ll fit them onto your teeth in your second visit. You use the trays with a prescription-strength gel.   We’ll be happy to check them at your regular visits so we can make sure they maintain their effectiveness.

Please note that at-home dental care is no true substitute for the watchful eye of your dentist and all the equipment we have at our disposal.  However, a proper at-home dental office – as well as other approved good dental practices such as watching what types of liquids and foods you drink – can help your dental appointments go smoother and your teeth feel shiner and healthier. Call us at (708) 460-3040 today to set up an appointment!

A healthy smile is a confident smile!

A healthy smile is a confident smile! Call us today to improve your smile!

Let us introduce ourselves!

Let us introduce ourselves…call to schedule your appointment today!

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