Protect Your Enamel to Protect Your Teeth

Having strong enamel – the translucent coating of your teeth – is like having a strong exterior on your car. Without a strong exterior, your car will fall apart in a crash or during everyday use. The same applies to enamel as well: It protects the structure of your teeth when you chew, drink and grind down food for digestion.

Also like cars, which you can wax to protect the look and feel of the exterior, there are products that can help protect the enamel and make it look clean.

Sensitivity and Enamel Protection Toothpaste

You can find enamel-protecting toothpaste at most pharmacies and retail stores that carry dental products. They typically combine ingredients that help reduce pain from tooth sensitive with those that coat your teeth with an enamel-protecting substance.

Fluoride Floss

It’s easier to clean the fronts and back of teeth than the spaces between them. That’s where floss comes in – it can help remove food particles and clean out plaque hiding between teeth. While you’re in there, you should consider investing in floss that has fluoride that add a protective effect to your enamel.

Iso-Active Foaming Gel

If you’re having a difficult time getting the spaces between your teeth clean, you can invest in iso-active foaming gel that will expand into your teeth’s gaps as you brush. Some forms of this type of tooth gel also have enamel rebuilding properties.

Fluoride and Enamel Mouthwash

After brushing and flossing, there are new mouthwashes that can help rebuild eroded enamel and protect your enamel from further damage.

Professional Dental Care

The best way to take care of your enamel is to get regular check-ups from your dentist. They can check to see if you have any serious enamel erosion and intervene to help prevent further damage. Make an appointment with us at our website at, or call us at (708) 460-3040 to set up an appointment!